The Commercial Avenue

Qatar & GCC
Doha, Qatar

Sometimes, an ideal working environment and a modern lifestyle experience intersect. Qatar’s The Commercial Avenue is the perfect example.


With over 530,000 square meters of leasable space, The Commercial Avenue is a mixed-use development of residential, commercial and office units. Featuring 460 apartments, 475 showrooms, 630 offices and a shopping mall, the development boasts five flagship buildings, each with its own distinct design and architectural signature.

The Jeera, Joud, Safwa, Sayer and Arkan buildings – where residential complexes rise above the office spaces and showrooms – are just a stone’s throw from a wide selection of retail shops and public plazas.

The Commercial Avenue residents and visitors are served by extensive parking areas, round-the clock security, a 24/7 call center and facility maintenance services – among many other perks and amenities.